Faster Red
Settimo Torinese (To)
Anno di formazione 1984
The FASTER RED are an Italian rock band, formed in Settimo Torinese, Turin (Italy) in 1984, was active until 1990.
In 2011, the group reunited for a series of concerts at the release of the book "With music in mind, tenax, tenaxound and other stories" by Giacinto Buttigliero, they decide to resume and continue the musical activity.

Founders and members of the group from the outset: "Roberto Achilarre (vocals and guitar) and Dionigi Lapiccirella (bass)".

Various drummers have instead played in the group, among which the first is Piero Supino, which is still present in the original lineup, then Angelo Cannarozzo with which the band recorded their debut demo tape Faster Red (1989), which led the group to attention small major labels and at the end of the 90s will also Franco Trunfio, and Massimo Violato.

Towards the end of the 90s, the Faster Red also experience the use of keyboards and synthesizers with Roberto Scalea until the dissolution of the group.

The other original member of the band is Corrado Pancaldi (guitar and vocals) is still present in the original lineup.

Twenty years later in 2010 with the release of the book "With music in mind, tenax, tenaxound and other stories" by Giacinto Buttigliero published by Editions Neos, the group gathers for the occasion and sets out a series of concerts in conjunction with the launch of the book, doing so as a result they decide to continue, and resume the music activity.

Today, 2013, the Faster Red are about to complete their first self-produced CD, which is due out in late autumn, 2 years of testing in the hall of Sintesi (known historical group) recovered all the original material has been selected, listened to and used in the , then the inclusion of new songs to get to their first CD called "84 @ 13".

A particular name this "84 @ 13" encapsulates all their musical experience.

The current lineup: "Roberto Achilarre (vocals and guitar) Dionigi Lapiccirella (bass) Corrado Pancaldi (vocals and guitar), Piero Supino (drums).

Coming on stage.

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